Department of Defense Military Housing

The DOD Okinawa Military Housing Office welcomes you to one of the most beautiful islands in the Pacific! With internationally known beaches, diving, and comfortable weather year-round, Okinawa is considered an ideal resort destination. We are confident this assignment will be a memorable experience during your military/civilian career, and we are eager to be one of the first to assist you with this exciting journey.

One of the most pressing questions in any PCS is "Where will I live?" This website is designed to support you and your family’s successful move to Okinawa, and help you obtain a better picture of what housing is like on the island. This site will walk you step-by-step through the process to obtain military family housing. If you are authorized to live off base, we also have information on that process and stand ready to assist you.

Throughout your tour on Okinawa, we are sure this site will continue to serve as a valuable resource to you, providing information on: sub tropical living conditions and emergency preparedness, housing maintenance, furniture and appliance support, the Eagle Hardware self-help store, refuse and recycling, the energy program on Okinawa, and current construction projects that may affect your housing areas. And when the time finally comes, you can refer back to this site for information on out-processing the Military Housing Office.

Get out and make this a memorable tour!

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